Booklets and tags don't mix?

This morning I found somewhat odd behavior in attempting to tag the content of our booklet, "Open Scholar Tips." The tagging worked just fine, but here's what happened when I used the "Filter by Category" widget.

The widget was happily placed in the left sidebar where I put it on the layout page of "books" and it displayed the tags I had entered. However, when I clicked on a tag, I got wierd results. The widget gives two configuration options under the category "Behavior." The first one I tried was "Show to all posts tagged with the term." This gave the following wierd result: when I clicked on a tag, I was taken to a page that had all the content of the booklet page, but was not a page in the booklet (seemed to be an ordinary content node) and didn't display the video.

So next I tried the other option, "Filter the posts on the current page by  ..." By what is anybody's guess; I can't get it to display the rest of that phrase. But when I chose that option, when I clicked on a tag I was taken to a page that said, "There is currently no content to view in that section."

So for now I will stop tagging in a booklet and take the Filter by Category widget off the page.



More testing is needed

Other folks have tried tagging too. Is it restricted by category or site wide?

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