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Jay C. Treat is an IT manager in SAS Computing and an adjunct associate professor in Religious Studies.

His IT work focuses on supporting the use of technology in the educational mission of the University. In particular, he supports faculty use of Canvas (and other course management systems) and collaborates in developing websites (now usually in Drupal) for academic departments and centers.

Jay has worked for the School of Arts & Sciences since 1986, when he entered as a graduate student in Religious Studies. He earned a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, with a primary focus on the history and literature of early Judaism and Christianity. His academic research focuses on the Old Greek (“Septuagint”) translation of the Song of Songs.

He has taught courses in World Religions, Western World Religions, Christian Origins, the Historical Jesus, Paul, Hebrew Bible, interpretation history of the Song of Songs, interpretation history of the Sermon on the Mount, independent study in reading Biblical Greek, and computing in the Humanities.

For more detail, see his SAS website.