Decommission an Allocations PC (not a Mac)


Do this approximately one week after the user's computer has been replaced and only on the replaced computer.

1. Login with the lsp account and set the computer's NIC to use DHCP for IP addressing (this may not be necessary). Remove: SEP, Patchlink from Windows, via the Control Panel. Reboot.

2. Remove the computer from the SAS domain. Reboot.

New Allocations PC Setup.


The computer should have a DCS image already installed for Windows 7. This tutorial will follow on that approach.

1. Physically assemble the PC to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN cable, AC power and audio out. Do this behind a NAT router device.

2. Boot the PC, and immediately go into the BIOS by pressing F2.

3. Unlock the BIOS with the usual password.

Prepare allocation Computers for use at home


This occurs usually when a faculty member retires or decides to use their allocation at home.