Windows 7

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Configure a SAS Windows 7 PC for PennKey (Kerberos) Authentication

In public spaces, the PennKey is the common denominator for authentication across the university. Everyone at Penn has a PennKey whether they are is SAS, Wharton, Nursing or SEAS. Configuring Windows 7 to permit access via PennKey is a very simple operation, much simpler than it is for configuring a Mac.

There are some prerequisites prior to configuration.

Prevent Mozilla Firefox from Updating

Why would someone want to do this? Some of the applications that we use only function with certain earlier versions of Mozilla Firefox. Also, newer versions of Firefox have enhanced security features that automatically disable Java and media-rich content. While a boon for security, these features often negatively impact web-site functionality. The Qualtrics survey and analysis site is one such example of Firefox's new security features negatively impacting functionality.

Tip: Quicken the Windows 7 UI

Windows 7, with all of it’s cuteness in Aero Glass, is aesthetically pleasing, but at a cost. Transparent windows and floating, appearing menus can impact Explorer’s performance. I, for one, do not care for all of the eye candy. One way to trim all of the fat from the UI, for sake of performance is to set Windows’ appearance for best performance.

From the Control Panel, go to the System applet and choose the Advanced System Settings link. This will open the Advanced tab of the System properties window.