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Create a Custom Dock for OS X 10.7/10.8

A common question or need, when setting-up a new Mac for someone would be to make all of the installed applications available from the dock. Many people often do not realize an application is installed unless it is in the dock.

Creating a custom dock for all of the users on a Mac is a very simple solution.

Tip: Show Lion's Library

In Apple's latest version of Mac OS X, "Lion", the "Library" folder inside of each user's profile is hidden. ~/Library can be reached manually from the "Go to Folder..." menu item. A better option would be to have ~/Library not hidden at all. To do this, enter the following in the terminal.

sudo chflags nohidden ~/Library

Terminal will ask for your login password, or that of an administrator.

Please be careful with directly editing files in ~/Library. Errors in this part of Mac OS X can render features unable to function.