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The Macro that Wouldn't


Today, I was trying to run a simple macro, which inserts a footnote/endnote into a Word document. Each time I tried this macro a VBA 4605:v error was the result. The VBA editor would open and display the error's code. I am not a programmer, by trade, only amateur. The error hinged around an end of document location that MS Word could not find.

This is the macro's code, which was generated by "recording" the individual steps.

Tip: Quicken the Windows 7 UI

Windows 7, with all of it’s cuteness in Aero Glass, is aesthetically pleasing, but at a cost. Transparent windows and floating, appearing menus can impact Explorer’s performance. I, for one, do not care for all of the eye candy. One way to trim all of the fat from the UI, for sake of performance is to set Windows’ appearance for best performance.

From the Control Panel, go to the System applet and choose the Advanced System Settings link. This will open the Advanced tab of the System properties window. 

Tip: Windows 8, Quick Search

Microsoft's burgeoning operating system offers a completely new user interface (UI), forsaking the Start menu. The new UI is called "Metro". Getting around Metro is tedious, even for power users. One trick I discovered by accident is search-related. 

From the Metro home screen (the one with all of the tiles), start typing the name of the object you are looking to find. 

There is no dialog box in which to enter text, just type. 

As an example, I entered "c-o-n" and Windows Search brough up a list, on top of which was the Control Panel. 

Tip: Open MS Word without creating a new document

Create a shortcut for Word on the desktop and modify the target to be the following...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\WINWORD.EXE" /n

Important to note, the /n has to be outside of the double-quotes or the shortcut will not work. 

That's it. Every time Word opens a new document will not follow.