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I started working for the University of Pennsylvania in August 2005. Prior to that I was an IT instructor in South Jersey at a school called Nettrain. There I taught IT certification courses, ranging from A+ to Cisco CCNA. A large percent of the curricula at Nettrain centered around Microsoft certification courses. It was in these subjects I excelled and developed a solid foundation in IT experience.

Dr. Jay Treat was my first direct supervisor at Penn, working under John MacDermott in Instructional Computing. Support for the faculty and staff in Claudia Cohen Hall (known then as "Logan Hall") was and continues to be my primary responsibility. The migration of faculty and staff e-mail accounts to the new "FacStaff" server cluster in the Fall of 2005 was my first large project in SASC.

During the summer of 2007, I started working for Al Matthews and his Public Computing group. Updating software on classroom computers and the process of support after deployment became a an additional part of my duties. Also that summer, I took over support for the departments in Fiji House (3619 Locust Walk). Fiji House departments had been under a disparate support structure. The descision to unify support under SASC was how I came to be their LSP.

Despite supporting all of the faculty and staff of Cohen Hall, I originally was not tasked with supporting the College of Arts and Sciences. In July 2010, after some staffing changes, I became the LSP for the College office and it's staff of advisors, deans and assistants. Taking over support for the College gave me the opportunity to streamline my approach to customer support and to work with the Mac platform in a more enterprise setting.