Blog Moving

This blog is moving to a new site!

All further contents and updates will be posted there. No new content will be added to this blog/site.

Summer Replacements

Starting mid-June, SASC will begin to replace FY2012 and some FY2013 allocations computers in the College office. A total of thirteen machines will be replaced in this cycle.

Part-Time Assistant

In January, Samantha Miller joined MMS and SAS as a part-time employee. She will work with me in Cohen Hall four days per week, from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. Sam comes from Kutztown where she worked as tech support for her college's library. Myself and SAS are glad to have her onboard and welcome her efforts.


I have had a new list created for the purpose of passing-on communication regarding the printers in Cohen 235 and 371. Situations like down-time or scheduled maintenance will be the primary type of traffic. Everyone who uses the two printers is encouraged to subscribe to the list at the URL below.

Jacob Ryan Watkins

On December 4, 2011, at 09:56 my wife, Marnie, and I were happy to welcome our son Jacob Ryan into the world. Jacob was born at Pennsylvania Hospital in the exact same room as his sister, four years ago. 

Our daughter, Mackenzie, loves being a big sister and is very helpful in taking care of Jacob. Weighing in at eight punds, six ounces at birth, Jacob has doubled his weight since then.