About Summer Institute

The University of Pennsylvania's Africa Center, Center for East Asian Studies, Middle East Center, and South Asia Center are excited to offer the Summer Institute 2013 - “No Longer the Other: Integrating Gender into a Global Curriculum" - which is open to 25 selected K-16 educators. This five-day seminar will run from Monday, July 22nd - Friday, July 26th, 2013. Topics will focus on gender as it relates to: (1) human rights; (2) access to education and the global labor market; (3) popular culture, art, and film. The seminar will feature presentations from Penn faculty and area professionals, break-out sessions, global cuisine for lunch, technology resources, and more.

Summer Institute 2013 organized by the NRCs of University of Pennsylvania will be a five-day workshop on understanding the increasing importance of gender as an analytical category and a pedagogical tool in K-16 classrooms. Commencing with a historically contextualized understanding of gender studies in general, the Institute will focus on the role of gender in human rights, the global labor market, education, and popular culture. The sessions will explore the multiple globalized intersections between gender, race, class and sexuality. The Institute will feature presentations from Penn faculty and area professionals, educational and technological resource-sharing, grade-level break-out sessions, and global cuisine for lunch. This professional development workshop will encourage the selected educators to incorporate gender from a global perspective into their curriculum.