Cristina Bicchieri

S. J. P. Harvie Professor of Philosophy and Psychology

Interests: The intersection of philosophy, psychology and economics. Lab and field experiments on fairness, trust, and cooperation. Measuring social norms experimentally, eliciting expectation

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Erol Akcay

Intrests: Evolution of sociality and decision-making, both in humans and animals; evolution of social norms; effects of social norms on ecological conservation and health; economics and evolution; mutualistic interactions between species and biodiversity

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Coren Apicella

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Professor Apicella's work specializes in mate selection and attraction, behavioral endocrinology, behavior genetics, sex differences, behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology and social networks and the evolution of cooperation.

Marie Barnett

Graduate student

Jonathan Baron

Professor of Psychology

Studies intuitions and judgment biases that impede maximization of utility (good) by democratic government. These include parochialism, the act-omission distinction, moralistic values, and the isolation effect. He is also interested in experimentation and data analysis.

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Nicolas Baumard

Postdoctoral Fellow (2011 - Present)

Interests: Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive Anthropology, Behavioral Economics, Moral and Political Philosophy

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Sebastiano Bavetta

Visiting Professor

Interests: measures of autonomy-freedom; the interaction between autonomy and norm compliance. 

Jason Dana

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Interests: the intersection of Psychology and Economics
Detailed Research Interests are here.

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David Dillenberger

Assistant Professor of Economics

Interests: microeconomic theory and decision theory

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Karla Hoff

Visiting Scholar (Spring 2013)

Ting Jiang

Postdoctoral Fellow (2012 - Present)

Interests: Bribery, Cheating, Culture, Cooperation, Trust, Theory of Mind, 

Methods: Eye-Tracking, Lab and Field Experiments

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Joe Kable

Baird Term Assistant Professor of Psychology

Research in his lab is concerned with how people make choices, and the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying decision-making. This work combines approaches from experimental economics, the psychology of judgment and decision-making, and social and cognitive neuroscience.
For a copy of Dr. Kable’s CV, click here.

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Rob Kurzban

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology

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Jan Willem Lindemans

Visiting Scholar (2012 - 2013)

Research Interests: philosophy of economics; behavioral economics; social preferences; Austrian economics; Friedrich Hayek; evolution; human cooperation; political philosophy; classical liberalism.