Using custom images in the main body and sidebar of the "SAS – Vista" theme

One of the nice features of the SAS-Vista theme is the contrasting sidebars. You can set up your site so that it has a large image on the front page and smaller images in the sidebars on the inside pages. Here's an example of a front page:

And here is an example of an inside content page, with a similar image, but placed in the right sidebar:

Setting up your page with a similar layout will take a little bit of advance preparation to make the images. After that, it is easy.

First, here are the instructions for creating a large image on the front page, assuming that both the left and right sidebars are present. You should create an image that is exactly, or close to, 565 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. (If your image isn't very close to the exact size, OpenScholar will resize it for you to fit the space, and you may get some distortion of the image.) Once you have that, follow the directions below:

1. Create a custom widget to hold your image. To do this, on the layout page, choose "add new widget" (the green tab at the top right of the widgets box).

2. From the drop-down menu, under "media," choose "single image."

3. A dialog box will open. Name your widget in the first box; add a title only if you want it to display on the webpage. Browse to your image and select it in the next box. Change "image size" to "900 px." The rest is optional. Click save.

4. Click save again when you are returned to the layout page. Make sure that "site selection" is set to "front page." Find your widget in the widget selector box, and drag it to the central content area, below the headers and between the left and right sidebars. Save your changes.

If you create a layout with only one sidebar (by not putting any content in either the left or the right sidebar) then the image you upload will need to be 770 pixels wide by 400 pixels high.

A picture for the right or left sidebar should be 225 pixels wide by 180 pixels high. Then choose "300 px"  for your image size.