School Research Leader Boot Camp

Agenda for School Research Leader Boot Camp, Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

830             Coffee, fruit, and pastries available
845               Welcome and overview the Character Lab

·             Hand out binders, which include reimbursement information and reference materials for today and  
          this year
               ·         3-minute presentations on each research project (by research team): What is the hypothesis of that
                          project and how will it be tested?
·             Marshmallow Challenge  

930               Scientific Method 101

·          What does it mean to study something “scientifically”?
·          Basic research designs: their logic and limitations
·          Control groups
·          Treatment fidelity
·          Statistical power, sample size, and power

1030            Break including networking among and within research teams
1100            Measurement 101

·          Why we measure things
·          Why we never do a perfect job measuring anything
·          What it means to have a reliable and valid measure
·          Consequential validity

1200            Break to grab lunch, which can be eaten during next session(s)
1215            Character 101

·          What are character skills/strengths?
·          How does character fit into the social-emotional learning space, the mindset space, etc.?
·          What do we know about the benefits – to the student and others – of character?

100               Launching Our Projects – each team should do the following and check them off in this session!

·          Fall timeline
·          Parent consent form
·          Student assent form
·          Time permitting, we will create an account at and then practice uploading a file to it 
            following the directions in the binder

200               Break including planning within research teams
230               Brainstorming Best Practices – pair off with the person sitting next to you and come up with
                     tips/reminders for the following

·          Parent communication at the beginning, middle, and end of the study
·          Faculty communication at the beginning, middle, and end of the study
·          Expressing gratitude to faculty with notes, gifts, etc.
·          Technology issues specific to schools

320               Coming up with a final list of Best Practices
340               Wrap-up
400               Departure (note that 30th Street Station is a 20-minute walk and that PHL is a 20-minute taxi ride for    
                     train and air travel, respectively)

                ·          Remember to make a copy and send all of your receipts to Jade Le (stamped, self-addressed
                           envelope in your binder)

School Research Leader Boot Camp Location

Boot camp will be held in Jon Huntsman Hall, room 255. The address is 3730 Walnut Street but you will have to enter through the Locust Walk entrance (on the other side of the building) which I have circled on the map below.

If you plan to park your car in the city, please follow this link for University of Pennsylvania parking garages: click here. We have listed below the two garages that are closest in proximity to Huntsman Hall, our boot camp location.

Parking Garage: Walnut 38
119 S 38th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Parking Garage: Walnut 40
4009 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

If you plan to stay overnight, we recommend the following hotels:

The Inn At Penn A Hilton Hotel
3600 Sansom St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Follow this link to see their website: Click here.

Sheraton in West Philadelphia
201 North 17th St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Follow this link to see their website: Click here.


Please contact Alyssa Matteucci: or (215) 898-5995.