Featured Speakers

Victor Mair

Professor Victor Mair has been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania since 1979. He specializes in Buddhist popular literature as well as the vernacular tradition of Chinese fiction and the performing arts. Throughout the 1990's, Professor Mair organized an interdisciplinary research project on the Bronze Age and Iron Age mummies of Eastern Central Asia. Professor Mair is the founder and editor of Sino-Platonic Papers and General Editor of the ABC Chinese Dictionary Series at the University of Hawaii Press. He has been a fellow or visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong (2002-2003), the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, 1998-1999), the Institute for Research in Humanities (Kyoto University, 1995), Duke University (1993-1994), and the National Humanities Center (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 1991-1992).

Bing Sun

Dean of Internatioal Cultural Exchange School, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Director of Teaching and Resources Exploitation Base of International Business Chinese. Dr. Sun received her B.A. and M.A. from Fudan Univeristy and her PhD in Theory of Literature and Art in Fudan Univeristy in 1999. She has been working as a Chinese Language teacher in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics since 1994. Her publications include: Business Chinese Golden Bridge-Intermediate Speaking, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature Classis, Initial Exploration on Cross-Cultural Communication of Business Cooperation between China and Foreign Countries. 

Tomoko Takami

Director of Modern Japanese Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages. Ms. Takami received her M.S. from the Univeristy of Pennsylvania in 1996 and her EdM from Columbia University in 2012. Her book publications include: Language Education for Social Future: Critical Content-based Instruction, Powering Up Your Japanese through Case Studies: Intermediate and Advanced Japanese.

Guobin Yang

Associate Professor of Communication and Sociology at the Anneberg School for Communication and Department of Sociolo at the University of Pennsylvania, where is also a faculty member of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China and Center for East Asian Studies. Professor Yang received his PhD in sociology from New York University in 2000. His research areas cover digital media, political communicaion, global communication, social movements, cultural sociology and the sociology of China. Professor Yang's book publications include: The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online,  The Rea Guard Generation and Political Activism in China, Dragon-Carving and the Liteary Mind.

Li Zhang

Director and Professor of The Institute of Chinese Education, Director of Institute of Business Chinese, Beijing Language and Culture Univeristy, Member of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, Member of the Expert Commitee of the Center for International Business Education and Resource Development, Vice Secretary-General of the Marketing Expert Committee of the China Marketing Association. His research areas cover business Chinese and teaching, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics and marketing management. Professor Zhang has published more than 20 monographs, teaching books and tool books, as well as more than 40 theses.