Gettysburg, PA, June 17th - 21st, 2015

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PhD student in Linguistics

Dr. Kronrod's Academic Webpage

Research Committee 28 (Social Stratification and Mobility)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Penn SRP Center

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Dr. Meredith Tamminga, Director

Ph.D. Student in Comparative Politics and Political Theory

व्यावसायिक हिन्दी

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Criminology

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Social evolution, evolutionary genetics, behavioral ecology

Vice Provost's Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Student Journal مجلة طلابية

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Department of Criminology, University of Pennsylvania

Lecturer in Foreign Languages

برنامه‌ٔ زبان فارسی در دانشگاه پنسیلوانیا

Researcher in Economics

Assistant Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Professor of Philosophy