My name is SeungHoon ([su:ŋ-hu:n]), a typical Korean name but one that may be a bit hard for some of you to pronounce in English (which would be, however, good for your lip excercise!). As a Korean native, I was born and raised for more than 30 years in Seoul, a gigantic but beautiful metropolitan city in Korea. Currently I am living in Philadelphia in the US, with traveling, cooking, playing tennis, watching soccer games, and loving my research job here as a postdocroal fellow at Penn Epidemiology.

As my academic interests have mainly straddled criminology, public policy, and sociology, my research focuses on analyzing how policy changes influence criminal behaviors from public policy and sociological perspectives. Related to this theme, I currently have three crime-related research agendas on alcohol, immigration, and urban environmental improvement. I am also deeply interested in examining crime questions through a variety of sophisticated quantitative methods including econometrics, spatial analysis, and Bayesian statistics.

I have very interdisciplinary academic backgrounds. I hold a Ph.D. in criminology, along with an M.A. in statistics, both conferred from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA). I also received a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Duke University (Durham, NC). Before I came to the US, I graduated from Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea) with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and B.A.'s in sociology and economics. (What a degree collector!)