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Methods versus Substance: Measuring the Effects of Technology Shocks, Rios-Rull, Jose-Victor, Schorfheide Frank, Fuentes-Albero Cristina, Kryshko Maxym, and Santaeulalia-Llopis Raul , Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 59, Number 8, p.826–846, (2012) Online AppendixGAUSS ProgramsLink to Document
On the Use of Holdout Samples for Model Selection, Schorfheide, Frank, and Wolpin Kenneth I. , American Economic Review – Papers and Proceedings, Volume 102, Number 3, p.477–481, (2012) Link to Document
Bayesian Macroeconometrics, Del Negro, Marco, and Schorfheide Frank , The Oxford Handbook of Bayesian Econometrics, p.293–389, (2011) Working PaperMATLAB ProgramsGAUSS Programs
Sticky Prices versus Monetary Frictions: An Estimation of Policy Trade-offs, Aruoba, Boragan, and Schorfheide Frank , American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Volume 3, Number 1, p.60–90, (2011) Online Appendix with Detailed DerivationsData and GAUSS ProgramsLink to Document
DSGE Model-based Forecasting of Non-modelled Variables, Schorfheide, Frank, Sill Keith, and Kryshko Maxym , International Journal of Forecasting, Volume 26, Number 2, p.348–373, (2010) Working PaperMATLAB ProgramsLink to Document
Estimation with Overidentifying Inequality Moment Conditions, Moon, Hyungsik Roger, and Schorfheide Frank , Journal of Econometrics, Volume 153, Number 2, p.136–154, (2009) Technical AppendixGAUSS ProgramsLink to Document
Inflation Dynamics in a Small Open Economy Model under Inflation Targeting: Some Evidence from Chile, Del Negro, Marco, and Schorfheide Frank , Monetary Policy Under Uncertainty and Learning (Vol 13), Volume 13, p.511–562, (2009) Working Paper
Monetary Policy Analysis with Potentially Misspecified Models, Del Negro, Marco, and Schorfheide Frank , American Economic Review, Volume 99, Number 4, p.1415–1450, (2009) Technical AppendixLink to Document