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Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program in the group should consult the website of Penn's Department of Chemistry for admissions information and details on the application process.

Highly motivated, well-qualified researchers interested in Postdoctoral appointments in the group may contact us directly at any time of the year. Please include an up-to-date CV and list of publications in your message.

The group also encourages undergraduate students, from Penn and elsewhere, to come to the group during the summer months to gain experience of a fast-paced academic lab. Interested students may apply directly or, alternatively, through the Penn Nano-Bio Interface Center's Research Experience for Undergraduates (NBIC-REU) program.

Contact details:

Professor Virgil Percec

P. Roy Vagelos Chair and Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

University of Pennsylvania

231 S. 34th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323


Email: percec [at] sas . upenn . edu

Tel.: (215) 573-5527

Fax: (215) 573-7888

Administrative Coordinator:  Robert Wertz, (215) 573-7887, rwertz [at] sas . upenn . edu