OpenScholar URLs


When a new account is created, OpenScholar asks what the URL of the new site should be. (It will always be[something], where [something] is the part that needs to be chosen.)

SAS has established the following conventions for choosing URLs:

1. A user is always entitled to choose their own PennKey; no user may choose a URL that matches an actual or potential PennKey (Pennkeys must be between 3-8 characters and include only letters and numbers. Therefore a URL with more than eight characters, or one that includes a dash or underscore, will be allowed).

2. A user cannot choose a URL that conflicts with an obvious Penn-related Department or function. For example, the URL can only be used by the English department.

3. OpenScholar URLs are made up of all lowercase letters and numerals. The only non-alphanumeric characters that are allowed are hyphens '-' and underscores '_'.

4. Other than Penn-related URLs, website names will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, and there will be no attempt to "reserve" URLs.