Introduction to OpenScholar

What is OpenScholar?

  • OpenScholar is a web-based system designed to make it easy for academic professionals to create and maintain personal or project websites without any special software or technical skills.
  • It includes ready-made features useful for scholarly sites: publications, class pages, blogs, calendar, and photo galleries.
  • You can have a fully functional, professional website within minutes.  

Who can request a site?

  • Any SAS faculty member, graduate student, or professional staff member.

To request a site

Getting started with your site

  1. Go to your site and log in with your PennKey.
  2. Mouse over items in the banner. A blue triangle (▼) will appear, providing a menu that will let you configure each item: the title, subtitle, and logo.
  3. Then, use the Control Panel to set up the structure and appearance of your site.
  4. First, use Appearance to select a theme (and a variation).
  5. Use Site Building > Features to enable features for the site.
  6. Use Site Building > Layout to arrange widgets in regions for each kind of page.
  7. “Add New Widget” gives access to more widgets, including the very useful “Custom text/html” and “Single Image” widgets.
  8. Use the “Back to [your site]” button to return from the Control Panel to the public site.
  9. Look for the “Need help getting started?” menu for productive suggestions (not available in all themes).
  10. Look for the green “add” button to add new content.
  11. 10. Mouse over an area or item to see contextual menus that apply to it. In particular, look for the blue triangle (). Click on it to configure, edit, delete, or feature an item.



Attached is a Word file introducing the general user to OpenScholar.

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