Paper accepted at Molecular Biology and Evolution

Our paper " Genomic signature of kin selection in an ant with obligately sterile workers" is finally accepted at Molecular Biology and Evolution! 

new paper on pharaoh ant caste regulation

Michael's first paper in the lab and the first from a PhD student in the lab!

new paper

New paper in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, building on previous population genetic models to describe how combinations of sex-limited expression and diverse fitness effects (direct, parental, sib, offspring) are expected to affect rates of molecular evolution.

NSF GRFP for Michael!

Michael received the presitgious NSF graduate research fellowship. Congratulations!

eLife podcast for Mikheyev and Linksvayer 2015

Tim's interview about the recent Mikheyev & Linksvayer eLife paper:  ~15:00 minutes

new review paper on genetic implications of being social

New paper discussing the often overlooked molecular and evolutionary genetic implications of social interactions in social insects: Linksvayer 2015 AIP in press

new paper in eLife

At long last, the paper "Genes associated with ant social behavior show distinct transcriptional and evolutionary patterns" is out in eLife!

New website

Welcome to the new Linksvayer Lab website!

new EAGR ant lab

Michael and Justin are hosting a new ant behavior module today (using our Temnothorax curvispinosus acorn ant colonies) at the Franklin Institute through EAGR, based on the new collective decision making lab we developed for BIOL102!