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The Korean Language Program at the University of Pennsylvania currently offers a complete curriculum in Korean language with 18 classes, covering five full years of Korean language courses. To see all Korean courses offered in Fall 2015, click HERE.

Images of Korea

길거리 음식 1 Courtesy of Xiaolei Cong
길거리 음식 2 Courtesy of Xiaolei Cong
길거리 음식 3 Courtesy of Xiaolei Cong
경복궁 2
Seoul Subway

Minoring in Korean Studies (Requirements: 8 c.u.)

  1. *Language Requirement: 4 c.u.
  2. Both basic language courses and advanced courses in literature in the original language count toward this requirement.
  3. EALC 081 (Korean History)
  4. Electives: 3 c.u.

*Students must complete 4 c.u. of Korean  language, usually Elementary Korean I & II (KORN011 & 012) and Intermediate Korean I & II (KORN111 & 112).  The requirement may also be fulfilled by taking two semesters of Korean for Heritage Speakers (KORN131 and 132).  For those students who place out of KORN112 or KORN132, established by qualifying exam or transfer credit, the language requirement is reduced to 2 c.u. taken at PENN so that the total minor requirement for these students is reduced to 6 c.u.  The three electives should be non-language courses pertaining to Korea; however, higher level language and literature courses may be accepted with prior approval.

For more information, contact Dr. Frank Chance at chancefl@sas.upenn.edu.