I'm Clare Din, a photographer, musician, yogini, Aikidoka, and IT geekgirl proudly working at the University of Pennsylvania for over 18 years. I manage a small group of super-smart people who solve all kinds of desktop, server, networking, security, multimedia, and web application problems for the Chemistry department.

Throughout my life, I've harnessed both my creative and logical sides to enable me to approach problems from multiple perspectives. I've produced music for MTV shows (The Osbournes, MADE, Undressed), designed web sites for restaurants, medical services, consulting firms, and government-funded labs, and presented my fine art photography in various galleries throughout Philadelphia.

My creative computing accomplishments include being a globally published author at 17, developing computational linguistics software for a DoD contractor, installing and maintaining the first web servers for The Wharton School, and designing games for everything from mainframes to handheld devices.

I'm also an accomplished makeup artist with wedding and glamour makeup experience and a certified Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Meditation instructor.