Led by a dedicated group of student volunteers, the College Cognoscenti give frequent presentations to prospective families in small groups about what it means to be in Penn's College of Arts and Sciences from an academic and co-curricular perspective. Independent of undergraduate admissions, the Cognoscenti are a great resource for prospective students through on-campus presentations and on this site with our "Voices from Campus" student blog! 

Any student considering the University of Pennsylvania is encouraged to check out our blog and ask questions of any Cognoscenti members through our "Meet the Members" page, and if you come to campus, make sure to catch a presentation and hear multiple and diverse perspectives represented and tailored to your questions.

» Read about life as a student in Voices from Campus

» For more information about our members' academic and co-curricular interests, read our bios and feel free to contact us with questions!

» Already seen a presentation? We would love some feedback! Please complete our feedback form or email collegecognoscenti@gmail.com-positive or negative!

 » Also visit the College of Arts and Sciences site for prospective students, which contains more detailed information about curricular and other academic options at Penn.