I am an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania and a NASA Nancy Grace Roman Fellow. My primary research interests relate to exoplanets, the structure and evolution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs, and time-domain astronomy. 

I am Instrument Scientist for NEID, a facility-class extreme precision Doppler spectrometer for the US user community. This instrument is funded jointly by NASA and the NSF, and will be deployed to the WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory in 2019. NEID is a joint effort involving the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and NIST. 

One of my main goals is to develop measurement techniques that will enable the detection and characterization of Earth-analogs orbiting nearby low-mass stars. I am interested in the important role small robotic telescopes can play in many areas of modern astrophysics 

I also make use of photometric and spectroscopic data from massive variability surveys. Synoptic surveys afford an opportunity to identify transient astrophysical phenomena and provide a powerful tool for learning about low-mass stars. 

You can access my CV and list of publications linked below.

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