Alexander  Berry

Alexander Berry

Graduate Student

Dustin  Brisson

Dustin Brisson

Associate Professor, Lab Director

Department of Biology University of Pennsylvania Leidy Laboratories, 209 433 South University Avenue Philadelphia PA 19104-6018

My research assumes that organisms that can cause disease manifestations are indeed living organisms with there own ecologies and evolutionary histories - similar to plants, animals, and fungi. Using this as an intellectual foundation, I investigate the ecology (interactions affecting distribution and abundance) and evolution (change in geno- and phenotype due to neutral or selected processes) of disease causing organisms and their natural host populations.

Jill  Devine

Jill Devine

Research Specialist

Camilo E Khatchikian

Camilo E Khatchikian

Research Associate

Room 326 Leidy Labs

My research is focused on the evolutionary ecology of vector-borne diseases. I strive to understand how the environment influences populations of vectors and diseases and how the interactions among them are shaped. Specifically, I study the epidemiology, population dynamics, and history of complex diseases systems from an ecological perspective.

Damien  Lekkas

Damien Lekkas

Research Associate

Wilbert Long

Post-Doctoral Associate

Stephanie N Seifert

Stephanie N Seifert

PhD Candidate

Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, 433 South University Ave, 327A Leidy Labs, Phila, PA 19104

I use molecular and phylogenetic techniques to investigate the history of host-pathogen interactions using the Lyme pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi s.s., as my model system.

I also organize a Phylogenetics Reading Group which meets weekly on Wednesdays at 11:30-12:30.  You can join the group here: Bio-PRG

Wei  Zhou

Wei Zhou

Graduate Student