Prospective Students



Undergraduate students are welcome to join my lab and participate in work in a number of aspects of my research program. Such work would provide opportunities for learning bacterial culture, field ecology, computer modeling, experimental infections, and molecular techniques, as well as exposure to experimental design and data analysis. Participation in lab meetings and general enthusiasm for the subject matter is expected. If you are interested, contact me.


Students interested in working on the ecology and evolution of disease causing organisms are welcome to contact me regarding graduate work. Prospective graduate students with the intention of working in my lab can apply to either the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group (CAMB) in the School of Medicine or the Biology Graduate Group. I entertain graduate student projects involving evolutionary biology and ecology, regardless of the study organism; although projects within my areas of expertise are more likely to quickly yield results. Students joining the lab generally begin by taking part in an ongoing project in my research program to gain research skills and experience. Graduate students will develop their own research project for their thesis and direct their own research program more independently. If you are interested in doing graduate work in my lab, contact me by email.