join the BFS activites board for 2013-2014

Want to be involved in BFS Activities ??  apply to join the board for next year.

BFS summer research grant due

Do you have original research that you are pursuing this summer?  Aply for a BFS research grant.  DUE FRIDAY, April 5th

you must have a member of the standing faculty at Penn be  your sponsor and write a letter of recommendation.

BFS Research night

Tuesday, April 2nd 6 PM come and listen to your fellow BFS discuss the research they have been pursuing over the past year.

please RSVP for Sang Kee dinner.

Wednesday Tea

Meet some of the fascinating professors  including, but not limited to Cynthia Connolly, Tim Corrigan and Rita  Barnard who will be teaching BFS seminars in the fall. To see a complete list of fall  BFS seminars see  .  Talk to fellow BFS about their favorite BFS seminars. Tea and cookies.  Wednesday, March 27th 5:30  PM in the fireside lounge, 2nd floor 220 S. 40th street.

Advance Registration for Fall 2013

Advance registration for Fall 2013 opens Monday, March 18th and  Closes Sunday, March 31st.

This is also the time for Live registration for summer 2013.

All single degree College students are on advising hold until they meet with their advisor.

Dean's Scholars

Congratulations to our own Ken Ginsburg and Marguerite Leone!

Summer Science Research in NYC with BFS alum

Interns will assist with the collection of data, submissions to the Institutional Review Board, will attend weekly research meetings, and may have an opportunity to assist in the writing of a research paper at the conclusion of the summer position.Descriptions of 2 of the studies are below. Please note, we may also need their assistance for additional research, depending on the other studies’ IRB approval by the beginning of the Internship position.

 Outcomes Research:  Objectives


When: February 14th, 2013, 4:30 PM

Where: Harrison Auditorium, University Museum

What: The Benjamin Frankln Scholars Lectureship

Bring family, friends, neighbors.  All welcome

International Internships DUE FEB 1st

Last information session Wednesday, January 30th 5pm-6pm

Last summer, 8 BFS participated in this terrific opportunity.

Penn Humanities Forum Mellon Fellowship

What makes human violence different from other forms of aggression or upheaval in the natural world?

Global Youth United Student Mentors

Recruitment is underway for Global Youth United Student Mentors! GYU is a local youth-led nonprofit organization. Students who are interested in global issues, human rights, and becoming involved in the Philadelphia community will serve as mentors to students in four Philadelphia high schools. Mentors will help students organize local service projects and see through one large service activity of international impact by the end of their school year. 

BFS volunteer opportunity with local school postponed until FALL 2013 semester

BFS, in conjunction with the Fox Leadership Program, is launching an after-school program at St. James School in the Allegheny West neighborhood of Philadelphia.  The program is a combination mentoring/tutoring program that meets from 5:15-6:15 on Monday.

Host an international student for Thanksgiving?

Interested in cultural exchange and gaining new insights on American traditions through the eyes of the world? Every year, there are exchange students left alone at Penn for Thanksgiving, and every year Penn Diplomats tries to pair students with a family for Thanksgiving, so that these students can have a genuine taste of American culture. Families get a great opportunity for cultural exchange and a fresh take on America as others see it, and because of that the program has been extremely successful in the past.

Information from your fellow BFS Spring trip to Rwanda

Spring Trip to Rwanda.  The mission of the program is to create a greater sense of community and understanding between students from different religious and ethnic groups in order to foster future leaders who will help build a more just, tolerant, and peaceful society.The cornerstone of this program will be a 10-day service trip (after classes end)  to Agahozo Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda to work with children who were orphaned during the Rwandan genocide.

BFS seminars and sector requirements on your worksheet

For College students, if the BFS web site says a course fullfills a sector requirement, it will not auto assign on a student's worksheet.  Your advisor must override it on the worksheet.  Students are limited to two such overrides.   Other BFS courses will auto assign and there is no limit to the number of those courses that may be taken to fulfill sectors. For class of 2015 and beyond , this is in addition to the 3 sectors which are fulfilled by INTG 001-002.