IRL = In Richer Life: Living Well in the Digital Age

Friday, September 27th, 1:00 pm, Harrison M20

Come join BFS alum Alex Soojung-KIm Pang as he discusses his new book, The Distraction Addiction, recently published by Little, Brown & Co.

In this talk, Pang will explore how the life of the mind can serve as a model for how to live a life mediated by screens and devices. How can the kinds of questions we ask as students and scholars, which can seem abstract and academic, be useful in the world? What can our engagement with books and ideas teach us about our dual lives in the physical and digital worlds? He builds on a scholarly tradition that teaches that we should see our entanglements with technologies as essentially human, not dehumanizing; that we should always question big assumptions about the inevitability and inescapability of technologies; that we shouldn't think in terms of a "real life" versus a "digital life" any more than we should think of our lives in the library or laboratory as unreal. Rather, we can bring them together to create a life that's not merely "real," but is richer.

Light refreshments will be served.