BFS and Penn's International Internship Program: Dinner, Presentations, and How To Apply

DATE: Wednesday, January 22
TIME: 5:00-6:30 pm
LOCATION: The NEW Fireside Lounge, The Arch, 3601 Locust Walk, 2nd Floor

This dinner will be a celebration of the work Benjamin Franklin Scholars did with IIP last summer, with presentations from BFS students (similar to our research dinner last fall). It will also be a great chance to learn about the sort of work you can apply to do this coming year. The International Internship Manager will be present to answer any questions.

Last Year's BFS International Interns

Janice Hu: Intern at Sulayman Junkung General Hospital in the Gambia

At Sulayman Junkung General Hospital in the beautiful rural village of Bwiam, Janice worked with the Medical Records Department to train staff in computer data analysis and charts. She also assessed the hospital's waste disposal system and worked on funding grants. On certain days of the week she assisted a nurse-midwife in outpatient examinations, accompanied the hospital team to more than six trekking locations, and helped write and deliver radio broadcasts on malaria and STDs. Outside of work, she enjoyed swimming in the nearby river, exploring urban areas of The Gambia, and forming lasting friendships with her coworkers and neighbors.

Palmila Liu: Intern at the Science Workshop in Hong Kong

I worked with the Science Workshop in Hong Kong this past summer. I loved the opportunity to teach classes in science and math to children ranging from ages 4 to 11. Being able to see and help the students learn concepts through experiments and activities was especially rewarding. I also got to explore night markets, have high tea at The Peninsula, explore Hong Kong, and even visit Macau!

George Rosa: Intern at UNIBES in Brazil

As an UNIBES intern, I translated legal and accounting documents, as well as website content, into English. The translation projects were an excellent way for me to solidify my knowledge of Portuguese, and a task I was uniquely qualified to undertake. I also contributed with hands-on help to the retail bazaars. 

Jane Wu: Intern at the Laurence Sterne Trust in the United Kingdom

I worked for two months at a small literary museum called Shandy Hall in rural Coxwold, England. My research included capturing, photographing, and blogging ( about the hundreds of unique lepidoptera (moth) species in the Shandy Hall gardens. The museum is the former home of Laurence Sterne and focuses mostly on his works and the works of other 18th century writers and is a great resource for those looking to expand their literary knowledge. It was a wonderful and very picturesque experience living in an English cottage surrounded by wildlife in the gardens and a small herd of curious cows in the large neighboring pasture.

Maria Zilberman: Intern at Science Workshop, Hong Kong

This past summer, I traveled to Hong Kong and interned for the company Science Workshop. There I worked as a teacher, an assistant teacher, and a packer. As a teacher, I had the chance to introduce young children to a variety of topics in math and science using fun activities and experiments. As an assistant, I helped the main teacher of large classes keep the children engaged. Finally as a packer, I prepared materials for future lessons' experiments. The children I worked with were about 5-7 years old.

Melanie Young: Intern at a private school in Ghana

Melanie Young lived for 10 weeks in the Lake Volta, Ghana. Her main internship sight was at a small private school in the village of Torkor, Kpando. While there, her main duties involved tutoring math and English. However, she also spent time running a weekly girls club, an art week workshop and teacher professional development workshops.